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White Fillings In Highgate

N6 Platinum Dental is pleased to offer cosmetic white fillings as a natural-looking and strong alternative to silver fillings (amalgam). 

White fillings are used to strengthen and repair teeth, whilst maintaining the overall natural and beautiful look of your smile. If you require a restoration closer to the front of your mouth, or you simply want the most-natural looking option, a white filling in Highgate is definitely something to consider. 

What Are White Fillings?

A white filling is used to strengthen and restore a tooth that has a cavity. First the cavity is prepared and then bonding material is added progressively. The filling is built up slowly, with each layer hardened using a special light until the restoration is complete. The top layer may be sculpted or adjusted to ensure your bite is correct, before it is cured. 

White fillings, unlike amalgam fillings, don’t contain any metals at all and are made of a strong composite resin. The composite resin isn’t truly white and instead, is tooth coloured to match the natural tone of your surrounding teeth. 

White Or Amalgam Fillings - Which Is Best?


These days, white and amalgam fillings are considered to be of equal strength overall, with no real difference other than the way that they look. In fact, white fillings are considered more favourable by some, not only because they are aesthetically pleasing, but because the material used for white fillings bonds directly onto the tooth. This is compared to silver fillings which expand to fit the cavity, which is why they can, on rare occasions, fall out. 

Why Choose A White Filling?

The majority of patients choose to have a white filling to avoid the dark and silvery look of amalgam, which can disrupt the overall appearance of the smile. You can have white fillings in any tooth (where fillings are suitable), but many people particularly prefer them for fillings towards the front of the mouth. 

Key White Filling Benefits: 

Natural and attractive aesthetic
Bonded to the tooth
Strong and durable
Long-lasting (8-12 years)
Helps preserve the natural tooth
A great choice for more visible teeth

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