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Teeth Straightening - Invisalign Highgate

Teeth straightening is a great way to enhance your smile, whilst also improving your oral health and your ability to keep your teeth and gums clean. 

N6 Dental Platinum is pleased to provide a range of teeth straightening options to correct your smile effectively, including trusted treatments Six Month Smiles, and leading straightening programme Invisalign. 

With our expertise and advanced technology, you can have a stunning, straight smile with ease, boosting your confidence and smile in as little as six months. 

What Is Teeth Straightening?

Teeth straightening in Highgate, also known as orthodontics, is the process of moving the teeth into a more natural, correct position for the purpose of improved aesthetics and mouth function. It can be completed in a wide variety of ways, including traditional braces, and more modern programmes like Invisalign and Six Month Smiles. 

In teens and some adults with very complex bite issues, teeth straightening often involves the use of traditional wire braces to shift the teeth slowly into place. This kind of treatment can take up to two years or even more, and even though it is sometimes necessary, many adults and even some teens would rather avoid it. This is because of the discomfort it can cause, the way it looks, the way that it impacts speech and the way that it makes oral hygiene a challenge. 

The great news is that for many patients, traditional teeth straightening with brackets and wires isn’t always necessary.

The teeth can be moved into place gently using alternative treatments that don’t have the same challenges as traditional systems. This is especially true with mild misalignment cases, where only the social front teeth are affected. 

Treatments like Invisalign are very gentle, discreet and effective, giving you the chance to have the straight smile you deserve without having to compromise on appearance and more. 

Why Have Teeth Straightening?

Teeth straightening is a common treatment for adult patients who struggle with misaligned teeth. Something like a tooth that has rotated, or front teeth that cross or protrude to some degree, can cause a person to feel low in confidence as well as affecting mouth function.

Misaligned teeth can also cause problems with oral hygiene because there can be areas between the teeth that are more likely to trap food debris, which harbours plaque, and then tarter. Those areas can be very hard to clean, potentially leading to gum disease or decay. Misaligned teeth may also cause surrounding natural teeth to move and shift over time, causing further issues and unwanted visual changes. 

Teeth straightening using Invisalign or Six Month Smiles helps the teeth to sit in the correct position, improving the way that they look, and the way that you feel about your smile. You no longer have to be self-conscious about a crooked tooth that you feel stands out and ruins your smile. Instead, you can have a beautiful straight smile that is much easier to maintain and take care of. 

Key Teeth Straightening Benefits: 

Improved smile aesthetics
Improved confidence
Easier oral hygiene maintenance
Better oral health long-term
Various treatment options

Invisalign At N6 Dental Platinum

Invisalign is a leading teeth straightening treatment that we are proud to offer at N6 Dental Platinum. It’s a comfortable, convenient and discreet method of straightening the teeth using bespoke clear aligners. 

The aligners are designed for you to use at different stages of treatment, resulting in a stunning straight smile and improved confidence on completion. We will also advise about retainers to help maintain those impressive results for life.

Even better, you can easily take the aligners out to eat meals and clean your teeth, so there’s no compromising on your lifestyle and oral hygiene habits. The design also means minimal impact to your speech, and more often than not, other people can’t really see them at all, making them perfect for adults and teenagers who want to avoid the embarrassment that comes with traditional brace systems. 

Key Teeth Straightening Benefits: 

Ability to see the potential treatment plan and intended results on screen using leading technology
Incredibly discreet
Bespoke to your needs
Can be removed when you eat meals & clean your teeth
Average treatment time of around 12 months
Incredible results
Suitable for a wide range of issues
Suitable for adults and teens

Six Month Smiles At N6 Dental Platinum

Six Month Smiles is a convenient and relatively quick treatment programme that uses advanced technology to give you a straighter smile in as little as six months. It uses a combination or clear brackets and wires at the front of the mouth to gently reposition the teeth quickly, and effectively. 

Key Benefits Of Six Month Smiles: 

Can take around 4-9 months
Gentle & Discreet
Fewer adjustments compared to traditional braces
Treatment is focused on the front teeth only
Light and fine materials used, for enhanced comfort
Able to treat a wide range of issues
Bespoke treatment to suit your needs
Suitable for teenagers and adults
Great results!

Are you struggling with confidence due to a crooked smile? Here at N6 Dental Platinum we have effective solutions to get you fully back on track with a smile to envy.

Your straight smile journey is a simple ‘phone call away – please get in touch with our team on 020 4512 4766 to arrange your consultation today.

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