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Advanced Technology

At N6 Dental Platinum we invest time, money and ongoing research into ensuring our clinic is well-equipped with the latest dental technology.

We’re constantly learning about innovations and technologies in dentistry to ensure that our patients enjoy maximum comfort and care during their time with us.  

Our highly qualified team helps you to have a healthy stunning smile which is maintained, restored and enhanced using our skills and experience combined with the very best dental equipment around. 

Why Exceptional Dental Technology Matters

We ensure that our clinic is equipped with appropriate equipment, so that every aspect of our clinical care is the best that it can be. For patients, this means that you benefit from more comfortable diagnostics and treatment. 

No More Mouth Moulds - With technology like our ‘3 Shape’ Intraoral scanner you can avoid uncomfortable mouth moulds for the preparation of treatment such as dentures, Invisalign, crowns and bridges. 

Comfortable, Pain Free Care - The latest in local anaesthetic equipment and techniques mean a more comfortable process to prepare the mouth for pain-free treatment. 

The Latest In Transformative Treatment - Technology like dental implants,  Airflow and Invisalign utilise cutting-edge equipment and techniques to deliver exceptional treatment planning and results. 

3Shape Intraoral Scanner

The 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral scanner is an award winning scanner that helps to create detailed scans of the mouth without any need for uncomfortable moulds. 

Using the scanner we can quickly get an entire scan of your teeth, gums and surrounding soft tissue to help aid multiple types of dental treatment. 

The results of the scan are in full colour and can be used in various treatment simulations. For example; we will take a scan to show you the different treatment stages and results of Invisalign, and what to expect from the plan before you’ve started. Or, if you’re considering dental implant treatment or other restorations, we can use your scan results to show you how your new smile will look with crowns, bridges, veneers or implants. 

Key Benefits Of 3Shape Intraoral Scanner

No need for uncomfortable mouth moulds
Built-in fluorescent technology helps with early detection of surface decay on the teeth
Helps you to see how the results of your treatment will look
Helps make it easier for you to request adjustments to treatment plans with your dentist
Quick and easy scanning process

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We strive for perfection through our attention to detail

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