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Wisdom teeth are often associated with a range of difficult and painful oral problems, which is why wisdom tooth removal is one of the more common surgical treatments carried out in the UK. 

N6 Dental Platinum in Highgate is pleased to provide safe, effective and pain-free wisdom-tooth removal at our well-equipped dental surgery. 

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are also called third molars, and they grow right at the very back of your gums on both arches.

There’s a wisdom tooth in each corner, and they tend to come through after all your other teeth, sometimes much later into your very late teens, or even the beginning of your twenties. It’s this late arrival of the wisdom teeth that gives them their name, as they’re thought to arrive at a later stage when we are more mature and wise. 

When Is Wisdom Tooth Removal Necessary?

Wisdom teeth tend to come through when the other 28 adult teeth have already used up lots of space in the mouth. 

This means that when they do emerge, they can sometimes either get stuck, leaving them partially emerged, or they grow through at an angle. When this happens the wisdom tooth is considered ‘impacted’. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they require removal, though. Some people may well have impacted wisdom teeth without many problems, or pain, in which case we don’t recommend oral surgery. Oral surgery carries a small risk in itself and any risk would not be worth the removal of the teeth, if they are not causing you any pain or other issues. 

Unfortunately, some patients do get various issues with their wisdom teeth and teeth that are impacted, or that have grown through at an angle, can cause problems such as: 

Tooth decay
Throat, cheek or other soft tissue infections
Pericoronitis (soft tissue around the tooth is infected because of plaque build-up)
Gum disease

These problems can often be managed with various cleaning techniques, antibiotics and special mouthwashes. If the issues persist, are extreme in nature, and/ or you continue to suffer, your N6 Dental Platinum dentist will recommend removal of the offending wisdom tooth, or teeth. 

Wisdom Teeth Removal At N6 Dental Platinum

Our oral surgery dentist can often remove your wisdom teeth in clinic in a pain-free procedure that can take as little as a few minutes. However more complex cases can take longer and occasionally need referral to hospital. 

You’ll be provided with lots of information about the extraction beforehand, as well as powerful local anaesthetic to ensure that the whole treatment area is numb before the dentist removes the tooth. 

During the treatment you will feel a little pressure, and potentially some movement as the dentist widens the tooth socket and works to release the tooth in full. 

After the tooth is removed, we’ll provide aftercare advice to help keep the area hygienic and clean, and to let you know how best to reduce any pain following the procedure. Usually you’ll have a little discomfort, swelling and potentially some visible mild bruising, but it should only last for a few days. 

As with any surgical procedures, there are some risks associated with oral surgery which will be discussed with you before any treatment is planned.

If you are struggling with painful wisdom teeth and need assistance, please contact the team at N6 Platinum Dental on 020 4512 4766 to arrange an appointment.

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