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Hygienist Services

N6 Dental Platinum is pleased to offer professional hygienist services, including dedicated teeth cleaning and gum disease prevention and management. 

We also provide the leading teeth cleaning treatment ‘Airflow’, to remove stubborn stains and brighten your smile painlessly and conveniently during your appointment. 

With the help of our hygiene team, you can maintain optimum oral health and a great smile long term. 

What Is A Hygienist?

A hygienist has particular skills and experience in gum disease control. They help patients to avoid various dental issues by providing tips and tricks that improve ‘at-home’ oral hygiene habits. 

Hygienists also provide professional teeth cleaning treatment, removing tartar and plaque that can irritate the gums and cause gum disease. This preventative care is essential in helping you to keep your teeth and gums strong, healthy and stable, so that you can keep your natural teeth for as long as possible. 

Hygienists can also provide gum disease treatment to help reverse, or manage the condition (usually alongside the dentist). They can also provide additional supplementary treatments like Airflow, an advanced hygiene system that cleans and brightens the teeth. 

Key Benefits Of Regular Hygienist Sessions:
Help you to overcome barriers to brushing or flossing
Lots of suggestions to help with medication or medical condition side effects that impact your oral health
Professional teeth cleaning
Innovative treatments like Airflow
Gum disease prevention/management

Hygienist Appointments At N6 Dental Platinum Highgate

When you come to a hygiene appointment with us, it can be through the recommendation of your dentist, or as an independent, direct line of treatment. 

When you first visit our hygienist in Highgate you can expect a really good chat about your current oral and general health, problems you might be having with your teeth and gums, and about your current cleaning regimen and any struggles you’re having in that regard. 

The next step is to check the condition of the gums and then have your first scale and polish. It may be that this first clean is a little more challenging if you do have a build-up of plaque and tartar. However, it is with these kinds of dedicated cleans that we can prevent gum disease, reverse it, or, if it cannot be reversed, help manage it. 

During future appointments we will then provide maintenance cleans and treatment, adjusting accordingly depending on health and medication updates and your oral health status at the time. 

On the first appointment, or subsequent appointments, if we do find active gum disease and it is advanced, or there are other oral issues that cannot be treated by a hygienist, we will recommend you see one of our dentists for further investigation. 

Airflow Treatment

We’re pleased to offer the excellent ‘Airflow’ treatment during hygienist appointments, so that you can enjoy brighter, cleaner teeth that look and feel fantastic. 

Airflow works by combining water, fine powder particles and compressed air to gently remove stains from the teeth that are otherwise too stubborn to be removed during a standard scale and polish. It’s the perfect treatment to have before an important event like a wedding or holiday. 

Additionally, the Airflow process helps to removes hard-to-reach bacteria and biofilm from the teeth, improving your oral health overall. 

Suitable for patients of any age
Can be repeated on a regular basis
Brightens the overall appearance of the teeth
Tackles stubborn stains
Can help boost the results of whitening treatment by removing tough stains
Perfect before an important occasion like a wedding or job interview
Can be used on implants, bridges, veneers and other restorations
Water is temperature adjusted for your comfort
Cleans out periodontal pockets
Improves oral health

If you or your family are seeking professional hygiene services locally, look no further than the dedicated team here at N6 Dental Platinum. Our reception team will be pleased to handle your enquiry on 020 4512 4766 .

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