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Dental Implants In Highgate

N6 Dental Platinum is pleased to offer advanced treatments to restore your smile, aesthetics and confidence. 

Dental implants are the latest in tooth replacement technology, with many benefits that make them the number one preferred choice for smile restoration, ahead of dentures and bridges.

It’s time to leave a life with missing teeth behind, and embrace beautiful, strong and natural-feeling teeth with implant-based treatment at N6 Dental Platinum in Highgate.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are ‘screw-like’ devices that are made of a mixture of different medical-grade metals, primarily titanium. 

The device acts as a tooth root which supports an ‘abutment’, “a post” which allows us to connect crowns, implant-retained dentures or bridges. 

It is the part under the gum line that makes the treatment so effective, because, over time, the fixture bonds with the bone and surrounding tissues and becomes part of your body. This healing process, known as ‘osseointegration’, makes the implant incredibly strong.

When the restoration above the gum line is attached, it is very secure and you can enjoy a smile in the same way you did before you lost any teeth. No worrying about slippage, no diet adjustments, no changes to your speech - just a natural looking and feeling set of teeth that give you your confidence back.

Key Benefits Of Dental Implants:

Aesthetically pleasing
No slippage, sores or speech changes as is common with dentures
Retains the structure of the face by helping to slow jawbone loss
Helps prevent remaining teeth from shifting and becoming misaligned
Can last for a very long time with the right maintenance & lifestyle choices
Suitable for one, multiple or entire arches of missing teeth
Natural feel

How Dental Implant Treatment Works

Every individual patient journey with us is different, but the majority of implant treatment plans follow these steps: 


The first step to getting dental implant treatment is to come and see us at N6 Dental Platinum for a consultation. We will discuss your “smile goals”, and take a look at your current oral health. It’s important at this stage that we discuss treating any current issues that need treatment, as well as potential lifestyle choices that could impact your suitability for teeth implant treatment. 


As we only want you to get the best possible results from your treatment we will only recommend it for you if we believe there is a high chance of success. 

If you are suitable for implant treatment, and most people are, we’ll draw up a plan which includes any ‘pre-treatment’ needs, diagnostics (such as scans and x-rays) and the suggested implant treatment, along with transparent costings.

If you are unsuitable for implants, there are various effective treatment alternatives that we can recommend to restore your smile. 

Pre-treatments/ Diagnostics

Once a plan is agreed we will schedule you in for relevant pre-implant treatments/ diagnostics. This may include scans, any outstanding dental work that needs completing, potential lifestyle advice (such as smoking cessation), and bone grafts (if required). 

Implant Placement

At your appointment, we’ll have everything in place to ensure we know precisely where the device is being placed. You’ll be completely comfortable and at ease during the procedure, with effective local anaesthetic ensuring that any pain is minimised.

Once the implant is placed, we may add some stitches and dressing. You’ll then be given aftercare instructions and the implant is left to heal and integrate, which can take a few months. We’ll check everything in the meantime to ensure all proceeds as expected. 

Treatment Completion & A Beautiful New Smile 

Once your implant has healed we add the abutment and then the final crowns, dentures or bridges. We’ll speak to you at length about maintenance and aftercare so that you can enjoy your beautiful new smile for many years to come!

If you are struggling with a gappy smile or perhaps uncomfortable dentures, why not see what dental implants have to offer? Your journey to smile confidence is just around the corner – please call the team at N6 Dental Platinum on 020 4512 4766 to arrange your consultation.

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