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Hyaluronic acid is to the beauty world what superfoods are to the nutrition industry. The benefits are plentiful, from keeping us looking youthful to giving skin a boost of hydration. Huge numbers of us are now using Hyaluronic Acid (HA) serums in our daily skincare regime. Just like the avocado, HA is a skincare superfood that has entered our lives and is here to stay!

So we’re going to get ‘under the skin’ of Profhilo, a revolutionary hyaluronic acid treatment that is (deservedly) increasing in popularity. It’s an award-winning facial aesthetics system we proudly offer in our clinic.

What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is a unique product in that it’s an injectable form of pure hyaluronic acid. It is a temporary dermal filler which uses the latest injectable technology to plump and tighten the skin. Using a natural product, metabolised by the body, means Profhilo stimulates the body’s biological processes. It deeply hydrates the skin and kickstarts the production of elastin and new collagen. Profhilo is a high concentration of hyaluronic acid which is safe, effective and transformative. It is a non-surgical facelift treatment that can also be used on the décolletage, arms, knees, neck and hands.

How is Profhilo different to other fillers?

Profhilo injections work differently from the types of fillers we associate with dermal injectable treatments. Other injectable fillers produce volume. Profhilo does not produce volume but instead stimulates your skin to produce its own collagen, fat and keratin. As a result, you achieve better quality skin which is deeply hydrated, naturally full and fresh-looking. Profhilo is also quite different to hyaluronic acid serums as it has a much higher concentration versus serums that are diluted. Profhilo is crafted to effectively tackle the signs of ageing with its advanced rejuvenation system.

How long do dermal fillers last?

At N6 Dental Platinum we’re proud to offer this regenerative method which helps our patients achieve optimum radiance and anti-ageing results. At our clinic, we tend to do two treatments of Profhilo, initially one month apart for optimum results. Skin starts to show signs of improvement after just three days, and because of the natural way in which Profhilo works, you will find the improvement to your skin continues for weeks after the treatment. In this sense, it works slightly differently to other dermal treatments. Because Profhilo boosts internally, the frequency of maintenance treatments will differ slightly from person to person. We usually find patients return every six months or so for maintenance.

How does Profhilo work?

The Profhilo filler treatment is injected into the dermal layer of the skin. Our highly-trained and knowledgeable team will carefully map out where the product is injected. As a rule of thumb, this will be five injections on one side of the face and five injections on the other side. In our experienced hands, we are confident you will achieve the best possible results. We will work to provide that structural element back into your face that is so often lost as we get older.

Why get hyaluronic acid injection fillers?

There is evidence of fat loss in certain areas of the face as we age. The face’s skin, muscles and fats begin to thin and this loss of volume causes fine lines and wrinkles. Your face may even have a sagging or sunken appearance. Injectable hyaluronic acid works from within to remedy these concerns. Profhilo is suitable for a wide range of ages but is particularly helpful for those over 30 who want to target the signs of ageing skin. Profhilo can successfully provide that structural element back into your face whilst promoting skin health. Your skin will be regenerated and hydrated. You’ll likely find your makeup glides on a little better and your skin has a radiant glow!

Profhilo is a unique product that improves the skin aesthetic for up to six months. If you’d like to find out more, book a consultation at our Highgate clinic and chat with our facial aesthetics experts!

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