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What exactly is a dental implant, and why are people seeking a dental implant in Turkey specifically? Dental implants are the latest in tooth replacement technology. An aesthetically-pleasing solution, dental implants can be made to fit the size and shape of your original tooth, and done well will colour match seamlessly too. Their natural look is sure to restore your smile confidence!

A prosthetic tooth fitted in the form of a dental implant is a long-lasting fix versus standard dentures. With dental implants, you no longer have to worry about slippage or changes to your speech or diet, and you benefit from a stronger, more natural-feeling solution.

What are dental implants?

Simply put, a dental implant is a screw-like device called an abutment which is inserted into your jawbone. It acts as a tooth root would. As part of the healing process, bone and surrounding tissues fuse and bond to the abutment securing it ready to connect a crown, bridge or implant-retained denture. (These are a fixed version of a standard denture.) Read about our dental implant technology here, where you can also view diagrams which demonstrate each stage of the procedure, and see before and after shots that our patients have kindly allowed us to share.

Basing your decision on dental implant cost

The primary reason we hear of people heading overseas for dental work is the cost. Having dental implants in Turkey may be significantly cheaper than in the UK. There are a number of reasons for that, but from a patient’s point of view, especially in the current climate, they will look at cost and how to get a cheap deal.

However, going abroad for dental implants might not be the cost-cutting exercise you think it’s going to be. The biggest factor is the time it takes for the abutment to heal. Here at N6 Dental Platinum, the process of having dental implants involves four or five appointments. And whilst recovery time varies from patient to patient, the entire procedure will take several weeks, and in some cases four or five months, rather than just days. Whilst that may sound like a great excuse for an extended holiday – who wouldn’t want to spend weeks in a sunnier location – for those looking for a cost-saving approach, this is simply not realistic.

The risk of getting dental implants overseas

With the timeframe in mind, you should be wary of speedy dental implants. A full consultation should allow the abutment time to heal, so those overseas procedures that fit the tooth relatively quickly, sometimes even on the same day or the next day, are risky. The prosthetic teeth fitted are likely designed to be temporary teeth. You must be careful that the clinician who is performing the implant is not cutting corners, and that the end-to-end procedure is explained to you so that you are aware of any return visits that are required. Multiple trips to fix your dental implant in Turkey (or any other procedure, or country for that matter) will soon get costly as you incur additional expenses such as hotels and flights.

There is a further risk in that if anything goes wrong with the fit or the healing of the implants, most dentists here in the UK are not able or willing to repair them, meaning you would have to return to the clinic abroad to rectify the situation – in turn making the cheap deal a false economy. This is because clinicians in the UK would not know what implant system was used, how the procedure was performed, or what planning had taken place.

That said, here at N6 Dental Platinum our professional and experienced teams are able to give you a consultation if you've had a dental implant in Turkey, or elsewhere oversea and it develops complications. While there are no guarantees that we can repair ill-fitted implants, we doing so may become costly. In the case of a failing implant, there may be no other choice than to have it removed and left for a period of healing before starting over with a new implant under our care.

Alternatively, put that holiday on hold and make an investment in your smile from the get-go! At N6 Dental Platinum we are pleased to offer advanced treatments such as dental implants which not only restore your smile and aesthetics but your confidence too.

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